The Webware Group

What We Do

We specialize in building state of the art e-commerce and social networking websites and migrating existing web data to better solutions.

Legacy websites often chain businesses to frozen functionality and difficult design changes. Yet moving to a new system can mean losing customer or product data and giving up your current design and branding. We can migrate your data and keep your current brand yet upgrade the technology, or create a completely new design and branding to go with your new site functionality. With modular themes, you can completely change your sites design, and change it back, at any time.

Why The Webware Group?

Finding the right web development company today can be challenging. Everyone who uses a page generator or who has graphic design skills claims to be a web development company. We are programmers and artists, web development happens to be our creative outlet.

At The Webware Group we work closely with our clients from concept to delivery, helping turn their visions into their web sites. Our job is to listen and understand the requirements which are unique to your business. We create online solutions that reflect your personality and operational needs. At the end, we provide each client with top-quality web services that are delivered on-time and within budget.

How We Do It

Successful web development starts with detailed planning and good communication.
Then we utilize the latest in open source solutions and frameworks combined with our experience to create powerful web applications built for performance, security, and flexibility.

Our web development and social networking solutions are always custom and are always based on your unique goals, objectives, and target audience. This doesn’t mean we don’t use pre-built modules or existing functionality, it does mean that through our unique design and development process your end-result will feel and function like none other.

Innovation doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. We believe innovation means using proven web technologies coupled with sound strategy and hard work. We look for new and unique ways of dealing with old or common problems for the sake of creating something remarkable. Our development platform is the work of thousands of hours of research, testing and fine-tuning, for an extensible, modular, and secure online solution.

We work together to develop a custom web solution that meets and exceeds your needs and strengthens your business. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

We've built our success on creating state of the art extensible, configurable and flexible content management systems that grow with your company, and with migrating existing content, including your current customers, products and brand.

Getting There

Marketing, Web & Social Synergy

We understand how today social media builds brands and drive sales.
Our blending of new and old marketing coupled with the latest in technological innovation breeds true success, whether measured by profits, brand impressions, or relationships. Whatever the medium, you’re paying with a purpose and we aim to deliver with an approach that fuses marketing and technology in order to enhance your bottom line. We're a full-service company that can help from conception to launch to marketing.


A basic element in internet marketing strategy is search engine optimization for high positioning of the site in search engines. We carefully choose keywords targeted toward your business in your industry, and build your site with those and other important site elements that are sometimes overlooked. A large part of SEO success is knowing when and where to offer those site elements to have the most affect for search engines, which can be challenging, and a bit of an art form.

Getting There is Only Half the Battle

OK, you have someone on your site from social media, search engine, a referral, link or t-shirt, now what?
No matter what your business, there are multiple options for your customers. They need to feel that your site has what they are looking for.

Clean, Custom & Usable Design

We create intuitive and unique designs that match ergonomic site flow and rhythm. That's matched with a powerful yet simple user interface.
Everything your user needs should be right at their mouse pointer, without clutter or the feeling of being overwhelmed. Simple searches. Alternate products. Clear rating systems. User comments. They forget for a second that they are on a website.
This is what will keep visitors on your site and lead to return visits.